Earth below me, Fire within me,

Sky above me.

Why Yoga?
Yoga means the union of body and mind. It aims at keeping our body healthy so that we can have a rested mind and spirit. Yoga was born in India approximately 4,000 years ago from ancient Vedic scripts. These scripts are not attached to any religion but are approached as a philosophy and lifestyle.
The classes have less than 15 people, they are accompanied by relaxing music, in a pleasant and peaceful room. We cover, mindfulness using our breath, overall strength and flexibility using postures and we always end with a relaxation. I am a certified E-RYT 200 (Registered Yoga Teacher) by the Yoga Alliance, see more of my training here.
Classes are open to men and women, and don’t think you need to put your foot behind your head… Yoga applies to all body shapes and all ages!

My name is Nadine Nassif Lips. Mama of 2 teenagers… Yoga Teacher… Passionate about finding a vibrant, healthy, balanced life style in a fast paced world.



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Divine Moon Connections lundi 21 janvier 2019 – Sergy

Le Pouvoir du Rituel  Il y a des siècles, il était courant que les femmes se rassemblent en cercle pour se soutenir mutuellement, se reposer pendant leur cycle menstruel, cuisiner et coudre ensemble, s'occuper des enfants et partager des histoires inspirantes et de...

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Saying Good- Bye….

En Français ci-dessous: Dear Yogis and Yoginis, WHAT WILL CHANGE... 9 years ago, nearly to this day I opened my Yoga Studio, YOGATTICin Sergy. Some of you have been with me on this journey of exploration and growth since the very first days. It is not without a heavy...

Where I buy my organic clean make-up.

When I started cleaning up my cabinets of all toxin loaded cleaners, and my fridge of all processed and non-organic food, when I started diffusing essential oils and cleaning the air in my home... it just made sense to start looking at what I was using on my body and...

INNER STABILITY AND BALANCE~ (taken from Mystic Mamma) I love reading these insights on the month to come, they often resonate with me strongly and help me reaffirm my intentions and stay on track with my inner compass.... Do this...