I found yoga in 2007 and it changed my life…

After practicing for a little over a year I quit my office job, to stay at home with my young children and enjoy my life as mum and caregiver for my primary people. I loved every minute of it but missed going to my yoga studio in town and had trouble setting up a home practice.

I started searching for a teacher training… out of the blue… a random thought… and sure enough the universe provided me with the convenience of a renowned teacher, Lance Schuler (inspyayoga), coming to teach a one and only, teacher training in Geneva at Soluna, for 1 month in September 2009. The impulsive me, jumped in? I registered and walked in on my first day with wobbly knees and a racing heart… 200 hrs later, in October 2009, I was a certified yoga teacher, I felt awake in ways I cannot describe.

My teachers supported me and encouraged me to start teaching immediately and thanks to my friend and teacher at the time, Daniel Anner, who entrusted me with his classes while he was travelling the world, i got to sub within my first week of certification. From then on, I subbed classes all around Geneva, in corporate environments (that I was so familiar with) and I also started teaching in my private studio in Sergy. My first client, desperate for Yoga in her neighborhood, led to another and then a few more and now I teach to a whole local community multiple classes every day.


My studio is small and cozy and can hold up to 14 people. So every class hopefully feels like you are getting special attention.

If you wonder if my classes are for advanced or beginners, I have never been able to answer this question as I still don’t know where I consider myself. But my students range from true beginners (never done physical yoga) to experienced teachers that come to take a class. My definition of advanced practitioners are those Yogis that are truly connected and conscious of their bodies, minds and breath. Regardless of their physical abilities.

Yes sometimes we will attempt some … “fun” acrobatic poses, to challenge ourselves and try something new, but for me true yoga is a simple, basic practice, linking mindfulness, to breath, to movement. My practice and my teaching come from a place of internal alignment, I love anatomy and the subtle changes one can make internally to feel a deep shift.

My training was Hatha – Iyengar based, with some flow and vinyasa. But my style evolves with my body and my life, Yoga is not static and evolves with our needs. My “style” is infused but not pure Iyengar, it’s not power Yoga, nor Ashtanga Yoga, It is a form of Hatha, my own form. So we do flow but we also hold. It is inspired by my teachers (many), by my practice, by the seasons, by a body part, by a poem or a mantra. I try to bring diversity to my classes because what our body, souls and minds need, varies from week to week, day to day and moment to moment.

I have not a traditional form, I am unique like each and every one of us, I do not comply to a label, format or type, so some classes will be infused with more spirituality than others, some classes with more dynamic body work, but in all classes, you will certainly find us smiling, maybe even laughing (and sometimes crying), because it’s only Yoga, and you can keep it light at times and deep and serious at others.

Because I started yoga late in my life and coming from a non physical background, nothing has come easy for me and touching my toes was certainly a long way down. So I know what it feels like to be a true beginner and where the struggles lie. I use props (plenty of them) so that everyone gets a chance to experience the full benefits of the pose, regardless of their level of flexibility or strength.

I want my classes to feel inclusive not “exclusive”, everybody should be able to access the poses, with modifications and or props if needed. In my classes you’ll find a lot of detail and explanation.

You will find that some classes are more challenging and dynamic than others and overall, you will take your body to places it might have never visited. It is not a “gentle” practice and it might not suit all needs, nor is it a “power” practice which again might not be tailored to all tastes. It will be demanding on many levels. But that is part of the work….

Classes are taught in English and French simultaneously, depending on who’s attending the class so some of you get a language class with your yoga class ;).

EVERYONE! men & women are welcome of all ages, teenage upwards (14yrs old). Only requirement: An open heart and flexible mind.

You might find some answers here about the practice and the yoga etiquette.

My teaching is encouraging and supportive, but never forceful, you are invited, often, to step out of your comfort zone, but you will be assisted and guided to do so in a safe way, when you are ready.

Come as you are…

Training and workshops that have inspired my teaching

Yoga Alliance – E-RYT® 200

2009 – 200 hrs YTT – with Lance Schuler (Inspya Yoga) in Geneva – Soluna

2009 – post teacher training, apprenticeship with Neera Scott in Geneva – Soluna

2011– Journal Conference – NY- Shiva Rea all day workshop

2011 – Yoga Journal Conference -NY-Judith Hansen Lasater – David Swenson – Seane Corn – Elena Brower – Kathryn Budig

2012 – Leslie Kaminoff – Online Yoga Anatomy Training – to be completed

2012 – Introduction to Ayurveda principles – 1 day worskhop with Silke Zanker from the Chopra Center

2012 – 35 hours (1 week training) with Chris Chavez in Lausanne

2012 – Yoga Journal Conference -NY-Sadie Nardini Full day Workshop

2012 – Yoga Journal Conference -NY-Seane Corn – Tias Little – Elena Brower –

2012 – Neera Scott – Asthanga Yoga workshop

2012 – Desiree Rumbaugh -workshop

2012 – 1 week retreat – Lance Schuler – Verona

2012 – Katchie Ananda -workshop

2012 – Chris Chavez -workshop

2013 -Elena Brower – Class NY

2013 – Leslie Kaminoff – in class training NY

2013 – 4 day Vipassana meditation retreat – Beatenberg

2013 – Martin Kirk Anatomy training 35 hours – o2Yoga

2013 – Poncho Cottier -workshop – Geneva

2013 – Amir Jaan – (Kundalini Yoga) workshop – Geneva

2013 – Nico Luce -workshop – Lausanne

2013 – 1 week retreat – Lance Schuler – Swiss Alps

2014 – 3 day Vipassana meditation retreat – Beatenberg

2014 – Nico Luce -workshop – Geneva

2014 – Anastasis Zorba – workshop – Geneva

2014 – Tiffany Cruikshank – workshop – Geneva

2015 – 3 day Vipassana meditation retreat – Beatenberg

2015 – Simon Borg-Oliver – workshop – Lausanne

2015 – 1 week Retreat – Petros haffenrichter (Jivamukti Yoga) – Crete

2015 – 1 week Retreat – Lance Schuler – Morrocco

2017 – 3 day training – Teacher Tune Up – Noah Maze – Groeningen

2017 – Meditation and Yin Yoga workshop – Lorna Kamitsis and Erika Reis – Namaha Geneva

2017– 1 week Retreat – Petros haffenrichter (Jiva Bhatik Jam Yoga) – Crete

2018 – Dice Ida Klein – Workshop  – Annecy

2018 – Christian Pankhurst – Heart IQ – Workshop – Divonne

2018 – Georgina Peard – Yoni Egg and sacred Feminine – 2 day Workshop  – Rolle

2018 –  Georgina Peard  – Workshop – Shakti Femine Yoga – Sergy

2018 – Georgina Peard – Conscious Connection – Rolle

2018 – 3 day Vipassana meditation retreat – Beatenberg









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