Essential Oils

Why I’ve been drawn to using Essential oils

My journey with essential oils started with my Yoga journey hand in hand, maybe even a little before that… My yoga teacher (Lance Schuler), during teacher training, taught us how to make a little spray bottle to use after each class in our studio where each student has the honour to complete his/her practice with cleaning their mat with a mix of water, vinegar, and a few drops of any/or a mix of the following antibacterial/antiseptic/antifungal oils such as for example Peppermint, Melaleuca, Eucalyptus, Lemon and Lavender. I thought it was a brilliant, not only do your shared mats stay free of bacteria for the next student but it also gives a sense of responsibility and ownership to the practitioner. This exact last note, is what draws me the most to the oils. Apart from their unbelievably effective supportive properties for my physical and emotional health, I see them as a tool I can use to check in with myself regularly. How do I feel in my outer shell/physical body made of flesh, bones, muscles, tendons, fascia, etc….? How is my emotional/mental body responding to a given situation? Then come a few more questions that follow that first response. What are the reasons for my physical or emotional pain, discomfort, sensation? Do I know where it’s coming from, can an Essential Oil support me in feeling better? Do I need to change a bad habit that produces this discomfort on a regular basis? Can I find healthier choices for my sleep and diet, etc? This is the path towards taking responsibility for your own well-being and making the right, educated and informed choices for yourself and your loved ones. In our society today, we look for quick fixes, and turn to others first to find answers and solutions when the first question and answer lies within ourselves. I feel like it has become my mission to teach my children and myself to be their best advocate in terms of holistic health in all aspects of their life. This requires a lot of listening in, enquiry inwards and outwards, a lot of questioning and educating ones self in all matters of well being…which you probably guessed by now are on the top of my priority list. The oils are now part of that self-enquiry and education. I turn inwards before I turn outwards, I seek the reason of my ill-ease and try to adjust my ways and support myself with the natural gifts of the Earth.

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