Why Core Work:
– It Creates a stronger connection to our Center. Brings us closer to our true-Self. Do we always speak from the our heart and our core, or do we speak from our mind and from other peoples truths?
– With a strong core we speak our words and actions with more conviction and self-confidence. It goes beyond the physical transformation.
– Back health
– Organ health
– Encourages good posture
– Avoids descending organs
– Increases balance and stability in standing poses
When working with core, always exhale in the effort – draw the navel to the spine and gently squeeze the pelvic floor. If you look down at your belly, you might see but mostly feel the navel draw in towards the spine and upwards towards the ribs. Try to create an invisible connection between your pubic bone and lower ribs as the tailbone lengthens.
Here’s a little video on Core Work the Yoga Way…
This is my first yoga video, so bear with the lousy sound, poor lighting, uneven trimming and  barking dog, but hopefully you’ll figure out the yoga postures… 

You’ll find here the cheat sheet, with my handwritten notes and yoga stick figures that you can print out, and some pics to go with it.
Abs challenge pics

abs stick figures and comments

Et voici la video en FRANCAIS!!!! la qualité audio (et video) est terrible, le cafouillage au début est encore pire, mais en manque de temps je n’ai pas pu la reprendre, et à défaut de chercher la perfection, j’ai préféré la poster telle qu’elle plutôt que de ne rien mettre du tout. Ca fera l’affaire pour cette fois et je promets d’essayer d’être plus pro pour la prochaine (s’il devait y avoir une prochaine…)

Tous au gainage!!!