Digital Marketing Services

Social media - Facebook package
Your clients need to know what you provide! Social media set up Facebook package
Business Page Set-up. Training. Events - groups - posts set-up. Research peer group pages. How to advertise on FB.
Business Page set-up starts - 39€
Mailchimp Package
"I have no newsletter- set up a professional newsletter for me! Mailchimp Package"
Create mailchimp account Import/create contact lists via csv upload Create Newsletter Template link FB page - Mailchimp Create Landing page upload Unsplash theme photos
Power package: Professional mail-program page set-up + 1hr Training - 79€
Branding Package
I want to make my business visible!
Create logo theme / color schemes / fonts photos - profile photos business cards
Corporate design package - 199€
My Google Business Page
Using the no.1 search engine for my company
Set your working hrs - location - photos - web link google reviews - posts - events + google calendar set up. creation of separate calendars. family/partners sharing.
Basic package - 39€
Translation services FR/ENG ⇄
More languages = more customers
From English to French and French to English. Your website - posts - cv - flyers - etc....
per hour / 40€
Graphics creation
Being repetitively visible is the mother of success
Your colours, themes and fonts to me create beautiful graphics for events, invitations, flyers, vouchers, thank you notes.
Monthly basic package: One graphic per week: 39€
Web Page creation
My landing page in the World Wide Web. Basic Website Creation
WIX platform - infomaniak domain - research on similar name of competition.
Basic Web Page creation - 199€
Need something specific ?
Booking platform for appointments i.e. Bookeo Google Form creation Online payment set-up: Stripe - Paypal EventBrite set-up and link to social media
What do I need?
What? how? Why? Ask for a free consultation
Not sure what you have and what you need? Let's look at it together.
1h/ free consultation

free consultation

Not sure about what you need?

We spend one hour together on skype or live and check your current media status. We go over different options that you might need to help launch, boost or support your business.  At the end I send you an offer on what we agreed your needs might be and you are free to accept or decline.



Define your Social Media Exposure needs

What is your existing FB presence

What exposure does your business need

What you could post on FB as content and Why

What Frequency

Basic package: Don’t make the beginners mistakes! Business page set-up – 39€
– Power Package: Page set-up + 1hr Social Media Training so you can maintain your profile on your own: 79€
– Advanced Package: Business Page set up, groups set up, events set up, research peer groups 129€
– Ultimate Power Package: Advanced Package 109€ + monthly peer research and one post per week 49€
Deciding If This Is Right For You
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What You'll Learn

How to maintain your FB Business page

Consult it from your mobile device

Receive & Reply to Messages – Social Interaction 

Set your notifications smartly so you don’t become a slave to social media

"Set me up" social media Package - 39€

Don’t make the beginners mistakes!

You provide me with the “About” section. Bio. Opening hours. contact details, etc…. and I set up your Business page with these core components.

"Learn to Fly" social media Package - 79€

= Set me up Package +  1hr Social Media Training so you can maintain your profile on your own and take charge of your business profile. 

I teach you how to use it.

What and how to post /interact with your community/clients.

How to create an event.

How to schedule your posts.


"Freedom" social media Package - 129€

= “Learn to Fly” Facebook Package +  Peer groups research and groups creation.

What others in your industry our doing, where they are posting, how they are interacting.

Set-up your own groups if required.

"Extra tailored social media support" 39€/h

You have some of these existing components. Maybe an existing Business page, some groups, etc… but you would like an objective review of what you need going forward or what can be improved. I can support you with your tailored needs.


Mailchimp Account

What's a Newsletter? Why can't i just use email?

Email is vintage…. using a newsletter is the only way to communicate effectively and beautifully with your target clients.

You might not have reached this point yet but very soon when your business grows you will no longer be able to send email to your clients via your email provider because it will be blocked and considered as spam.

The more clients you get the sooner you’ll need a newsletter provider to communicate for your busines….

Additionally, a newsletter provider, such as mailchimp, allows you to create beautiful, customized, eye-catching communication that will be less likely to be sent to the bin.

Using a mailchimp account to send your emails, gives your clients the freedom to receive or unsubscribe to the information you want to share.

It also allows you to create various groups that you would choose to communicate differently with. Especially if you run multiple businesses for example.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

If currently you don’t yet have a client database you communicate with via email then a mailchimp account is not a priority.

You might reconsider this when your client base (outreach potential or actual clients ) reaches 50+ names.

What You'll Learn

I will help create the mailchimp account, transfer your clients names and emails into mailchimp via a csv import . And help you create groups if you need them.

We will then define a template you can use to send out your emails.

"Set me up" Mailchimp package - 79€
 Professional email newsletter account with mailchimp set-up + 1hr Training
"Learn to fly" mailchimp package - 129€
Mailchimp account page set-up + link/sync with social media accounts. Choose theme photos/fonts/colours for standard duplicable template.
"Extra support" mailchimp package - 39€/h
You already have mailchimp but need some support with the existing account. A template creation or any other relative question. 


Branding  & Styling

Branding Process

We take a look at your existing or potential logo and how it matches your business description.

You create a “mood board” on pinterest that I can consult that will give me an idea of what you like visually, the images that inspire you. We chose together the type of images you will use in your communication.

We chose a colour scheme and Fonts that match throughout your website, FB, mailchimp, social media, etc…

I suggest a business card template with our agreed colours, fonts and logo.

We talk about the picture/images you can use on your social media plateforms.

Deciding If This Is Right For You

You’ll know if you need this if you don’t yet have a guideline of colours, schemes, fonts and images that you use. If you’re not sure what your “style” is or what you want it to be.

This is for you if you already have a website but you’re not ecstatic about the general “look” of it.

Is it representative of your business category? of who you are ? is it beautiful according to your own standards? Does it feel streamlined and balanced?

Branding package: 199€
Logo, color scheme, fonts, profile photos and business cards.
Tailored Branding services: 39€/h
Need some advice and re-branding for some areas of your business? let’s tailor your needs.


google business page

Why do I need a Google Business Page?

Google is the highest referenced search engine. Everyone uses Google to search and find what they are looking for.

Use Google business page to set-up the location of your business. Create a pin on Google maps so clients can find you easily.

Keep your opening times, schedule and contact details easy to find. 

Your next client is already on Google looking for you and just one click away…. 

Deciding If This Is Right For You

This is a no brainer! if you want to do business. Any business and you need clients then you MUST be referenced on Google. end of story.

What You'll Learn

How to update your Google page. Create posts, add photos, send out review requests to your happy clients. Link it to your website.

Extras can include how to create your personal/professional google calendar and how to share it with your partners or family members.

"Set me up" Google package - 39€
 Your business card on Google: 39€.
Photos, opening hours, link to website.
"Learn to fly" Google package - 99€
Your business integrated with testimonials.
Call for testimonials.
Create a Google maps pin.
"Extra support" Google package - 39€/h
Set up of you professional/personal calendar and share it some or all of it with family members and/or partners


translation services 

Deciding If This Is Right For You

You are comfortable working in English and French but it’s time consuming for you to do the translation. 

Outsource this task to me. 

I can translate your webiste, flyers, event invitations. My services extend to translating job offer letters and your C.V. or anything else you might need done. 

English ⇆ French.

My mother tongue is English and I worked in the corporate world in English. My education was all in French and my social life is in both English and French. My yoga classes and retreats  have been taught in English and French simultaneously for the last 10 years…

Translation services: 39€/h
We discuss your needs so you have an idea of the estimate total hours that might be involved.

design& style

graphics design 

Why do I need graphics design?

You have great content you want to share but how to make it attractive and stand out?

When you create an event invitation or flyer, thank you note, Facebook post, quotes for your website, gift voucher, etc…  what determines if your potential client picks it up at the super market, on the communication board, clicks on their Facebook feed or on your website page is linked directly to the superficial attractiveness of the graphics. Second comes the wording and third the actual content…

So if you want to make an impact and make sure your customers see you, it needs to look beautiful and attractive to the eye.  

What You'll Learn

You’ll learn about your style, what you like and what you don’t.

Soon enough a style tailored to your brand will become apparent and it will make it easier for you to remain consistent with the design of your overall look.

"Set me up" Graphics design package - 39€

you need a stand-alone- one time :

Flyer – invitation – gift voucher – thank you note – quote – Facebook post- etc…

We define together a style you like that matches your business industry and personality. (this is also part of branding …). You send me the content you want to share and I come up with 3 examples to choose from for your project.

We have one email/ skype exchange for changes you want me to make.

If more changes are required 39€/h


"Basic Monthly" Graphics package 1 post/week - 39€
I create one graphic post per week for you. About your business industry, at holiday time, about closing/opening hours, a special event, posting photos of an event you held.
We discuss what you would like to see appear on your social media weekly page and I create the media and then post for you to release you of the burden of being active on social media. So you just focus on what you do best in your business.
"Extra - Monthly" Graphics package 2-3 posts/week - 79€

Same as the Basic monthly but 2-3 posts per week instead of 1. 

web design

creation of your web plateform

Deciding If This Is Right For You

You don’t yet have a web page. You have ideas, you might have even started but the learning curve is steep and time consuming.

Delegate and let me help you set it up. 

I create simple landing pages with a few menus that will allow your customers actual and potential to find out more about you and your services. Show them what you do, Why, where to find you. 

I create on Wix, although I manage my own website which is an example of some of the work I do. My website was created by a professional web designer Ruby Rose Creative Services  but I have not training and learnt how to maintain it and create new menus and pages such as the we are on now. including my booking page, events calendar and more…

Website creation - 289€
We sit down together and define your needs, style and content. 
Start simple so I can teach you how to maintain it and give you the keys to run it smoothly. 
Extra support after creation - 39€/h
Need extra pages, menus, plugins, calendar etc… we define together what is needed and come up with a budget or hourly rate of 39€/h


need something i didn’t list?

Want to Schedule an Appointment?