Lately, my mum was complaining of a blocked ear due to a wax build up that happens every couple months and prevents her from hearing properly. Usually, she’ll head to the ENT open-day and wait a few hours for them to clear the ear canal. So I did a quick Google search on how drain a blocked ear with Essential Oils and a post popped up using DoTerra oils (which was just perfect because I wouldn’t have used anything else so close to her ear if I wasn’t convinced of quality of the oils…).

There’s even a little vidéo, to show you how it’s done, super simple and quick. We figured she had nothing to lose. (Truth is I didn’t really think it would work….). We proceded as indicated and a few hours laters, she texted me to let me know the ear was drained and she’d recovered her hearing. Unbelievable! She was so happy to not waste a half-day at the care center and getting her hearing back so easily and with natural clean products. I promised myself I would have more faith in these oil going forward as once again they prove just how potent they are.

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