It has been on my list of “things”to try for a long time now… Ever since my yoga teacher (Lance Schuler) during our teacher training mentioned to us that in Byron Bay all the “chicks” had their period  on Full Moon no one came to class on that night. (Plus Full Moon is considered a “day off” from your yoga practice in any case….) I started to be very curious about how that could be…. And then I also remembered how when I was a teen, and not yet on the “pill”, my best-friend and I would always have our period at the same time. Do you remember living in close quarters with other girls or spending a lot of time with the same girl friends and your periods were all in sync? Well it’s not a coincidence. This is what happens when our bodies energies syncronise to each other as they do to the environment we live in . Therefore, syncing our menstrual cycle to the moon doesn’t sound so far fetched after all, when we know that the Moon has a proven effect on the tides and nature in general. So I started reading a bit more about this and looking it up on the internet. I’ve been off the pill for practically one year now and charting my periods thanks to a handy piece of iphone technology called. “LunaPeriod”.

* I have been sleeping with my blinds open so I can see the sky and the moon light can come in to my room when it is shining.
* I’ve been tracking the moon phases thanks to another little app called: “Phases”.  So I know where it’s at even on a cloudy night.

*on Full Moon, I will go outside or spend time at my window contemplating the beauty and fullness of the full moon. Allowing it’s silvery sparkle to shine on me.

It has been fun – wacky and interesting to track my period vs the Moon Phases, I have been in sync with the full moon and then with the New moon, I’m not sure why it changes yet. It might be due to the change of season or due to the fact that I haven’t been tracking the moon so closely lately. Despite, my husband’s worried look when each night I look out the window to see where the moon is (I sometimes think she winks at me in my sleep), I will continue tracking her following her moves, as I am sure she has a definite influence on our body’s balance and equilibrium on this planet, we breathe, move and live on.

Here are some links to articles and websites out there on the subject. And if you do go down this Moon path I’d be delighted to hear your findings (if you would like to share)……

Happy Moon hunt.

From Yogagoddess:

“When a woman ovulates with the full moon her body is following the White Moon cycle.  Her body acts as a perfect mirror for the fertility of the earth since the earth herself is most fertile under the light of the full moon.  We know this because of bio-dynamic farming practices which reveal to us when seeds are planted by the full moon, harvests are most abundant.  The White Moon cycle represents the fertile power of women and was considered the cycle of the ‘good mother’.  These women were the ones who were celebrated in patriarchal times under the full moon fires with ceremony and fertility rites.
For me it’s very important to emphasize whether you tend to menstruate with the full moon or new moon, both cycles are expressions of the feminine energies and neither is more powerful or more “right” than the other.   Instead, they each have their unique role to play in your life as a woman.  If your body follows the White Moon cycle you might ask yourself – Are you desiring children? Do you spend a lot of time ‘mothering?’  If you said yes, that’s lovely.  Your body is in harmonious balance with the natural fertility of the earth.
If you’re experiencing the opposite cycle where you ovulate at the dark moon and menstruate at the full moon I wonder; Do you desire self- exploration and self-expression?  Has your role of mothering children completed? Or is it a role you’re postponing for the future or not planning on at all?”

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