Mindfulness for relationships

Guest teachers Asya and Giacomo are a married couple exploring how mindfulness positively impacts relationships. They both strongly believe that practicing it is more than just formal sitting meditation. During the workshop, you will learn how to apply mindfulness to relationships – one of the most significant areas of our life.

WHY should you come

  • You want to get more clarity about your patterns in relationships
  • You find yourself behaving in ways which are not really supporting your relationships
  • You want to get practical mindfulness and embodiment tools for improving your relationships

WHO should come

We welcome:

  • couples who would like to explore their relationship with each other
  • individuals who want to learn about relationships in general

The workshop is designed to help you with any kind of relationships – with your romantic partners, family members, colleagues etc.

 WHAT will we be practicing?

Using mindfulness and embodiment tools we will learn to promptly recognize difficult emotions, thoughts, patterns, and body sensations and how to skillfully navigate them to bring the best from our relationships.

What will you get as a result?

After the workshop, you’ll have a better understanding of yourself and others, and will be equipped with useful tools to help your relationships flourish.


About Asya and Giacomo

Asya is an experienced yogi, coach, certified embodiment facilitator and certified mindfulness instructor. She supports individuals and groups on their paths to sustainable changes using integrated holistic approach with particular focus on bodymind connection.

Giacomo is a certified mindfulness instructor, experienced in teaching different practices (mindfulness, metta, open awareness). His ABC approach (Attention, Balance, Clarity) is based on ‘seeing clearly’ as a way to become more calm, focused, and connected to oneself and the world around us. He is supporting both individuals and groups in better understanding the nature of the mind.

They now live in Moscow, Russia and work internationally.

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This is an educational, not therapeutic or healing event, though this type of work may bring up strong emotions and feelings. This often may be connected to previous traumatic experiences. The hosts guarantee a safe space, but by no means are qualified to work with trauma. If you are facing or recently went through a difficult breakup/divorce or have a history of abusive relationships, unfortunately, this event is not for you. In our work we are committed to high ethical standards, such as are safety and consent – we ask the participants to take care of themselves and not participate in exercises that might make them feel uncomfortable and/or unsafe. Some of the exercises might involve physical touch (but again, you are free not to participate).

Looking forward to seeing and meeting you soon.

Asya, Giacomo and Nadine.