Recently my husband and I were due a quick getaway to New-York, I was so excited to have 4 days away in the Big Apple… But tis’ the season of Germs & Bugs and I’d been burning the candle at both ends and eventually my immune system was starting to crumble just 2 days before take off! So… the only way to save my trip was to STOP everything – rest & restore! And so I did, I cancelled my upcoming classes and everything and anything that wasn’t an absolute necessity. Then I proceeded to the next steps:

Litres of hot tea infused with a few drops of Lemon and Ginger Essential Oils. (Ginger is warming and soothing and helps with aches and pains. Lemon is detoxifying, anti-bacterial and uplifting.)
Diffused OnGuard and rubbed a few drops on the sole of my feet diluted.

As a last desperate measure I made myself the “Flu Bomb” in a Veggie Cap: 4 drops of lemon (to protect your liver from the other oils in the cap), 2 drops of Oregano, 2 drops of Melaleuca. I didn’t add the OnGuard to the Veggie Cap because I was already applying it to my the soles of my feet. I could have also added 2 drops of Frankincense to my Bomb… But I chose to apply it to my forehead and wrists instead because I love the smell so much…

I practiced a Yoga Breathing Technique (pranayama), many times during the day to boost my immune system (it only takes 3 min.) Be ready for this one, it is not for the faint at heart or those who take themselves too seriously, as it implies using strange hand mudras (gestures) and even stranger breathing noises (Kapalabhati) . Here is a link to perform the Pranayama: 3 minutes is long to start with, so you’ll have to take little breaks and build it up. Very rapidly you’ll see a difference in how you feel. It really works and you can read more about why, here:

And lastly: I made my little OnGuard Spray Bottle to take with me on the plane. As I was starting to feel better, the last thing I wanted was to be exposed to more germs on a weak immune system and we all know how horrible the air on a plane is. So as I arrived in my seat, I sprayed my big wooly shawl that I wear around me like a protective armour, and I sprayed my tray and arm rests and I lay back and relaxed, knowing I had done everything I could to take care of myself….

PS: I totally recovered upon landing in NYC, adrenaline or OnGuard, whatever! I was good to go and hit 5th Ave! …but … 2 days into our 4 day getaway …my poor hubby got a bug and he was begging me for OnGuard on his Feet and DigestZen on his stomach, and boy was I happy to have my OnGuard spray with me in our confined hotel room … It saved us… once again! #neverleavehomewithoutOnGuard