My Body – My Temple (guided by Georgina and hosted by Nadine)

(This workshop will be given primarliy in English with translation possible when needed into French)

An introduction to Shakti Yoga Feminine Embodiment Practices & Women’s Circle

A woman in her awakened power is a pure expression of unconditional love, fierce compassion and creative life force.

She’s connected to the Earth and the cycles of life that flow through her. She draws her worth and her power from deep within.

Wise and wild, she uplifts, she heals, she inspires, she commands presence, she speaks her truth, she shares her wisdom.

Sisters, we’ve been gifted a heavy cloak of ignorance and amnesia, and internalized a patriarchal mindset that creates a lot of internal pain and utter exhaustion in our female bodies.

For so long the power and sacredness of woman has been wrapped in shame and secrecy, fear and confusion.

The good news is….. our bodies remember. Our bodies guide us home to reveal a deeper knowing of our soul’s purpose and peace within.

Enough searching outside ourselves for answers and role models. It’s time to trace a new path and birth a new paradigm through embodying our Sacred Womanhood, here and now.

“My body – My Temple” is a taster evening of sacred feminine embodiment arts and the healing and awakening power of women’s circle. It’s open to all women and no particular experience or level of yoga is necessary. (please read more about the Path of Sacred Womanhood below)

Our Practices will include :
– Creating Sacred Space
– Shakti Yoga, Life-Force Activation & Feminine Embodiment practices
– Womb meditation, Voice activation, Dance and Deep rest
– Cultivating connection and Noble Sisterhood

These practices can help you to:

– Love and accept your female body

– trust yourself, you body and your feminine nature

– understand how to experience and channel emotions

– connect with your deep feminine wisdom

– clarify your needs and boundaries

– find your voice

– awaken your sensuality, sexuality and pleasure

– restore health, confidence, joy and inner peace

– heal and transform


Date: Tuesday 24 April 2018
Times: 19h00-22h00
Venue: YogAttic, 314, ch. de Mussel – 01630 Sergy France

More information about Georgina and the Path of Sacred Womanhood:



… a Journey of self-love, healing, transformation and awakening
… a Practice of feminine embodiment and life-force activation for health and wellness
… a Community of Noble Sisterhood
… a Temple for Sacred Feminine initiation, rites of passage, ceremony and ritual
… an Invitation to rest in your true nature, reclaim your power and reveal your gifts
… an Honouring of all it means to be woman, divine and human
… a Sacred Marriage of the Masculine and Feminine within
… an Exploration of how to embody the Sacred Feminine in today’s world

This Path is open to all women, no matter where you are on your journey.

Some of us arrive on this path worn-out and wounded, lost, depressed and lacking trust. Some of us carry pain, shame and numbness in our bodies and sexuality as women.

Some of us have long been searching like-hearted, soul sisters to share our ecstatic dance, support our sense of belonging and embodiment, to manifest our dreams and to lay down the burden of going alone.

Welcome sister. Welcome just as you are.

Together we remember. Together we rise.