Last week I spent 5 days Crewing the Tony Robbins, UPW (Unleash the Power Within) Event at the Excel Center in London. In July 2018 I was a participant and it was a life changing experience. This time I wanted to experience being of service whilst being in full immersion with the energy of the room and the people. I’m grateful for connecting with so many souls. In a loving, uplifting and commited community of like minded people. The energy was high even with sleep deprivation and little food. we were 600 voluntary crew members supporting the breakthroughs and transformation of 12’000 participants.

Support comes in all forms, with small gestures like finding someone a seat or assisting someone with an injured leg, resting a hand on a shoulder when they are searching for their friends in the crowd, creating connection by asking where they come from, are they nervous, excited? All these random acts can mean so much to us if we stop to see and feel them.


The highlight of my crewing was being of service during the firewalk. Our fire lane team trained for 2 days to hold our positions, repeat the moves, actions, positions, mantras to support our firewalkers. Lead by an experienced Coach we repeated over and over again with team spirit. We connected to each other strongly to provide a safe container for our walkers. My position was a first anchor, which means that I look straight at the firewalker as he/she is getting into state, ready to walk the coals, I smile at them, and communicate with them on a deeper level that I am there to support them, hold the space and most of all I will catch them when they get to the other side. 

The 2 first anchors hold arms to create a cradle for the firewalker to walk into, strong, steady and soft like a hammock. our other hand supports their back as they walk into our arms and we have that nano moment of deep connection physically and energetically with the firewalker that just overcame his fears, cleared his intentions and stepped towards his deepest desires.
I cannot describe the feeling of presence and full service in these moments. We held and supported over 300 firewalkers that walked into our arms and that we shouted to: STOP ! WIPE YOUR FEET! CELEBRATE!
I remember what it felt like for me to be caught and held on the other side and I’m blessed to have been able to offer this to those who walked my lane number 35…. A highly spiritual moment…. #tonyrobbinscrew #tonyrobbinscrew2019 #upwlondon2019#beofservice