I just found out about a new trend: SIRT foods are high in sirtuin activators. Sirtuin is a category of proteins in the body that regulate natural body functions that affect our health and weight.

These proteins actively burn fats as you eat and can help regulate your metabolism and increase muscle.

Sirtuins ramp up metabolism, reduce inflammation and repair any damage in cells. In effect, sirtuins make us fitter, leaner and healthier. These are the wonder foods particularly rich in specific natural plant chemicals, called polyphenols, which have the power to speak to our sirtuin genes, switching them on. In essence, they mimic the effects of fasting and exercise and in doing so bring remarkable benefits by helping the body to better control blood sugar levels, burn fat, build muscle and boost health and memory.

Read more about it on the web, but here’s a complete list of sirt-foods:

There’s also a full diet and book but without going all the way, you can just consciously add more of these foods to your daily intake.

• Apples
• Blueberries
• Buckwheat
• Capers
• Celery
• Chili
• Chocolate – cocoa
• Citrus Fruits
• Coffee
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil
• Green Tea (ideally matcha)
• Kale
• Lovage (couldn’t figure this one out… a type of Celery. la Livèche in French)
• Medjool Dates
• Parsley
• Red Chicory
• Red Onion
• Red Wine
• Rocket
• Soy
• Strawberries
• Turmeric (Curcuma)

• Walnuts