Take your reading glasses when you go shopping, or take out your smartphone for a picture and blow it up to read it. Yes that’s how bad it gets when the print is sooooo small. But you MUST read labels of the food you buy. 
First thing I learned in Hiba Giacoletto’s course  is that the first ingredient you see is the one that holds the biggest content. So let’s say you buy ketchup and see Sugar as the first ingredient on the list then you know the bottle is mostly made up of sugar and maybe a cherry tomato…. Same with beauty products. Say you purchase top of the range Argan oil serum, and first ingredient is sweet almond oil, then… bla, blah, blah and last ingredient is Argan…well now you know if it’s worth the sticker price or not.
Read more about labels in the GF (Gluten Free) section
Ever heard of “Hydroxypropyl Methyl-cellulose”, does it sound appealing? well it’s in many GF products… yum…
  • Duhhh… Satoriz is my new Migros….
  • Botanic carries an organic health food section with items I can’t find at Satoriz. Loo00o0ove their frozen blueberries, tiny, super dark and tasty and not too expensive.
  • Côté Potager, in Saint-Genis is not organic labeled, but only buy’s local and from “culture raisonnée”. Which is enough for me.$I was told about an online website for non-fresh produce .greenweez. Prices are competitive and delivered to your doorstep ! haven’t tried it yet but one of our yogis has and is very happy with it.
  • Picard (yes that’s right!) for frozen veg and fruit with no additives. that way you always have something on hand and never run out of a healthy option. They even have readily chopped frozen avocado that I use under my eggs in the morning….and organic options too.
  • Saint-Genis has a small market on Wednesday mornings and so does Sergy on Friday. These are mostly local produce and can offer interesting choices. Thoiry  and Divonne market on Sundays, Ferney market on Saturday.
  • Carrefour has an organic section that you can find some flours and other products from at a cheaper price than the specialty stores.
  • Jim’s mini-market carries a very nice range of GF produce. Including their “Eat Natural” cereal bars that are GF and have very few ingredients.